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It is a strange thing to need, I know. Let me tell you why I need it.

There is an arbitrage available in the prices attributed to public and private market assets. In other words, $1 in profit makes a public company worth more than it does a private company. I want to capture that arbitrage.

Capturing the arbitrage requires MANY things, including a heavy reliance on maths, most of which I have. I’ve been working on this for a long, long time, but I still don’t have everything I need.

Of course that doesn’t really explain the why. For that I need to share something personal with you. There are no children in my future. I could give you a long story about why, but it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that this is the substitution.

The problem is, I cannot do it without help. I need bridge financing. Banks don’t lend money to projects in this stage of development. I also need, you know, the actual demand for the stock when I get it to market, which cannot be guaranteed.

What I can guarantee is that pushing everything I have out onto the open market today will weaken any opportunity that does exist. This issue needs to be kept as quiet as reasonably possible until all the pieces are in place. Life is a one way trip.

Will I succeed? Belief is a powerful thing and I believe its possible. I see direct-to-market listings similar to my project that achieve great success. If its possible to do and I can get my hands on the reagents, I’ve already demonstrated the relentlessness of my work. Why not?

Serious market participants probably have some questions, like: What does this listed company do?

My background is primarily in Information Technology. Sources suggest the U. S. federal government spent $92.2 Billion on IT solutions in 2021. Much of that spend was associated with per user licensing fees for bloated software that could be replaced for big savings. Even larger opportunities exist in the enterprise business segment.

Having ready access to capital would make waging war in the space easier. Information Technology is a talent driven business. Quality talent is rare and requires premium compensation. Liquid stock is a valuable commodity that can help attract the talent needed. It is also an effective deal currency for mergers and acquisitions.

That’s pretty much it. I could list all the things I’ve accumulated over the years and how they improve the probability of success, but there is still risk. There will always be risk. The important thing is to manage it well.

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Either way, have yourself a great day!

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