Litecoin Trading Instructions

Litecoin is actually pretty awesome. Back in 2013 we were given some after having done some good work for someone. Since then we have done many transactions, in size, using the technology because the cost and ease of use provide material advantages over the alternatives.

You can learn more about the litecoin technology at

The best way to get your hands on some Litecoin is to purchase it from Coinbase. Coinbase is a publicly listed company trading on the NASDAQ market exchange. They are required to comply with United States Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer regulations. They also report transaction information to the relevant tax authorities, so you can rest assured that we will as well.

Register for Coinbase using this link for $10 in FREE Bitcoin:

Once you have an active account with Coinbase, you can visit the “Trade” tab on the main menu, look for Litecoin or LTC in the list and buy some. Once you have it in your portfolio, send it to our Litecoin address: “MWyP1HbzSe3P2BHgzzKGvnNUb1uj5F24UV” using the on-chain Litecoin network.

Unfortunately, the specific processes for all this vary by device. If you get stuck, check the Coinbase documentation. If you’re still stuck after that, contact us at (813) 344-5788 for assistance.

!! Please note that we only provide support for transferring Litecoins to Vertex Trading Systems LLC. Coinbase should handle their own customer support.

PRO Solution

Trading Litecoin on Coinbase is simple, safe, and reasonably priced, but it doesn’t really demonstrate the power of the technology. For that you need to download the core client from and run a Litecoin node.

We believe it is worth the effort.

Litecoin Message Verification

While we are on the subject I'd like to show you how to do litecoin message verification with the litecoin core application.

Please note! It is not necessary to download the complete blockchain to do message verification. In fact, you don't even need to be connected to the network!

On the core client “file” menu there should be an option for VERIFY MESSAGE, which will produce something along the lines of this:

My litecoin verification address is “LUXK7pPhfRVjFSQ3F8uht2Jtwys9ttKP73”. Enter this on the address line, the challenge message in the body, and a signature you receive from the person climing to be me in the lower box. Then by clicking Verify Message, you should receive a green note saying “Message verified.”

It might fail for a number of reasons including extra or missing spaces. The text must be exactly correct on every line or verification will fail.

Anyone who wants to try signing and verifying their own messages should note that verification will also fail if the address is not of type “legacy.” By default the core client uses newer algorithms that require different address structures and those address structures are not compatible with the message signing/verification system.

Anyway, if you would like to test a valid message enter the following in the verification fields:


“The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. ID#5555 November 2022.”


Do not include the quotes (“ “).

Now, any time you want to verify you are talking to the real Will Carmen - like before disclosing confidential information about your project - you can request a signed message. The real Will Carmen will send you a copy of the message and the related signature to be verified.

Hope it helps.

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