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Greetings Friend,

Thank you for your interest in Vertex Trading Systems.

My name is Will Carmen and I am the Systems Administrator.

I'd be happy to tell you more but I know what really matters to you right now is deciding if reading all these words will be worth the effort, or not.

I'm not here to waste your time. The purpose of Vertex Trading Systems is to help regular people like you and me capture more value.

To achieve our purpose the firm and I offer the Order Board & Flow newsletter service free to anyone with a valid e-mail address. The daily market news and data updates are designed to keep you informed of evolving market events via simple summaries of the important factors driving asset prices.

We do this because it must be done.

My daily routine as a professional asset manager requires that my firm and I deploy systems to extract value from the market. In the course of that work there is discovered an endless stream of opportunity. Much of that opportunity is captured internally. However, many opportunities arise that could accommodate more participation than the firm or I could safely manage on our own. So we share them via a daily newsletter service.

Current Service Schedule

Start your week with the Order Board & Flow report released ahead of the Asian Monday market open at approximately 00:00 UTC. The report includes a weekly market outlook for macro economic data, earnings, and other potentially influential events.

The US Morning Update - released Tuesday thru Friday at approximately 13:00 UTC - delivers easy to digest summaries of the news, data and market flow that is top of mind with Wall Street's movers and shakers as they get set for the opening bell.

Research Notes - released as opportunities are discovered - provide actionable trading insight to help you capture more value from the market.


Vertex Trading Systems

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