Order Flow Trading for Fun and Profit

By: Daemon Goldsmith

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Daemon Goldsmith: Order Flow Trading for Fun and Profit


Are you still struggling to achieve trading profitability? Fed up with technical analysis and laggy indicators? Trying to figure out what this “Order Flow Trading” thing is all about? Well my friend, you don’t have to struggle anymore. Order Flow Trading for Fun and Profit is your step by step guide to trading like the institutional participants who have thus far been taking all your hard earned money.

  • In section one you'll lean how and why the market behaves the way it does.

    It took almost two years of studying academic papers about order flow and market microstructure to figure out what really drives price, and most of it was completely irrelevant to the needs of traders, but it's hard to know what you don't know ahead of time.

    The book will help you cut through all the crap by explaining precisely what you need to know to understand why prices really change.

  • Section two shows you how to see the existing orders WITHOUT needing any expensive software or services!

    Once you know why prices change, you need to figure out what orders exist in the market. Using graphic examples you'll learn how you can extract this information from any basic charting platform.

    You'll also learn how to predict when and where new orders will enter the market.

    For prices to change, new orders need to come into the market that upset the delicate balance keeping prices where they are.

    The book will teach you the simple tricks to predicting when and where orders will enter the market and how you can use that knowledge to actually predict where prices are headed next.

  • Finally, in section three you learn how to turn your new price move prediction skills into multiple profitable trading systems!

    The great thing about this book is that it isn't just another trading system. It teaches you how to predict price moves. How you choose to apply that info is up to you. And there is no shortage of trading system options available! The book covers three (3) complete systems, but you can easily adapt the techniques to profitably scalp intraday, enter and exit long-term multi-month positions, and everything in between! There are literally a million different ways of applying the order flow trading mindset, you just need to pick what works for you.

    You will not need to do it alone. Before completing the section you will discover how to put everything you've learned into a custom system that meets YOUR individual wants, needs, and personality!

    Product Details:

    ISBN: 978-0-615-52459-7

    Pages: 205

    Publisher: Goldsmith Holding Corp.

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    Customer Testimonials

    I'm not in the habit of writing testimonials for trading books and I've read alot of them in my 25yrs in this business but this one is very different. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a clear understanding of how the forex markets really work and a great guide to help you build a solid trading method. - Steve P. (Money Manager)

    If someone would ask me what part of the book had the most value for me and my developement as a trader, I would say it is the order flow trader mindset that was carried through the whole book. I can say without exaggeration that it has changed my life in that I gained more self-confidence, I became more active in doing research and my passion for trading is greater than ever - I feel happier and I think this is being reflected in my life too. - Milan C. (Analyst)

    Finally I finished your book. The book is superb and full of unique insights I haven’t seen anywhere else. It opened a totally new perspective and understanding of the market for me. - Jens B. (Trader).

Order Flow Trading for Fun and Profit

Order Flow Trading for Fun and Profit

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