Does your trading strategy deliver?

Fast Track Immersion

If not, there is something you should know!

My name is Will and I want to thank you for this opportunity to share the incredibly profitable market anomalies that I have uncovered.

I am not clear on your market experience but for many years it was relatively easy to earn consistent trading profits. Then the global financial crisis hit and everything changed. Trends broke down, risk aversion took hold, and the traditional dynamics were upended.

In the post crisis period central banks acted to support a weakening global economy via a monetary policy known as Quantitative Easing.

This policy proved to be of great benefit to the world and though it dramatically altered market dynamics, it largely succeeded in helping global economies return to a place of stability and growth.

I mention all this because the market is changing again.

After more than a decade of stimulus, global central banks are now removing liquidity and...

The profit potential is amazing!

Unfortunately, the world has become more complicated and understanding how to capture those profits may not be as obvious or easy as it could be.

With that in mind, my firm and I set about developing a program to help individuals with little or no market experience gain everything they need to achieve a lifetime of happiness and freedom.

Imagine yourself having the freedom to travel, relax, or spend as much time with loved ones as you wish.

Imagine being able to pay off your debts, buy a new car, a house, or apartment building from the profits earned.

Not next year or when the kids are grown!

Forget about someday!

The opportunity available RIGHT NOW can make all your dreams come true!

Now obviously trading involves risk and every trader will ultimately experience a unique result but it is my fervent belief that knowledge is powerful and by educating oneself those risks can be minimized AND YOU CAN MAKE ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

You might be wondering who I am

The Ultimate Trader

Again, my name is Will and I am a professional trader focused on Fixed Income, Currencies, Commodities, and Commercial Real Estate.

After many years of proprietary trading success I started an e-mail newsletter to share the result of my relentless market research and trading opportunity development.

It was small at first. Just a hand full of professional traders and investors met via deals, but it quickly grew to thousands of followers, a full-time staff, and daily distribution via word of mouth.

With teams focused on all corners of global markets, offering a full suite of research and asset management services to a diverse array of traders and investors, my firm has become a nexus of market information and flow.

It is said that preparation is the mother of opportunity.

From my advantaged position in the marketplace it is easy to see how changes in liquidity have manifest inefficiencies with huge profit potential for those who are prepared.

I also see an opportunity to share the bounty with others, which is what I want to talk to you about today...

An opportunity for a better life

One of the things you may not know about me is that I believe financial literacy is the key to escaping circumstance.

See, I didn't have the best childhood. I grew up in a community that had little understanding of markets, finance, or money. When I was older I learned how mastering concepts like investment and trading could open a world of opportunity that the people I knew didn't know anything about.

I discovered that with just a little work up front, knowledge and a half-decent plan could eventually lead to investments covering all my expenses and never needing to work again.

So I made the investment, learned what I needed, and then applied those skills to make all my wildest dreams come true!

Well, almost all.

The great thing about dreams is that once one comes true, you can dream up another to replace it!

For many years I wondered why so few succeeded in achieving financial success.

Failing to find a reasonable answer, I assembled a training program and offered it to my ever growing newsletter membership.

As it turns out, no matter how successful a trader or investor, effectively training others to trade and invest requires additional skills which I clearly lacked in the beginning.

I am relentless though and after investing a good bit of time and treasure there is now a great program that makes it easy for ANYONE to capture the incredible profits available in the marketplace today.

Regardless of background or education.

Ultimate Trader: Fast Track Immersion

The program is Ultimate Trader: Fast Track Immersion (Fast Track Immersion or FTI) and if you are looking to improve your wealth and happiness, it provides EVERYTHING you need to get from wherever you are to $1 Million! - Guaranteed!

Prepare yourself for a lifetime of opportunity!

It should be very clear that the goal here is to ethically acquire life-changing wealth.

The role of a trader is to help make markets more efficient. Find an anomaly and you get to keep all the profit for yourself. Most just want to be comfortable and having a million or two in the bank is enough. When people have enough the natural inclination is to do something else. So the market is perpetually in need of new traders to help optimize the pipes and flow.

The hardest part is coming to an understanding of how it all really works. Once you understand, you will find that the well of opportunity is infinite.

Ultimate Trader: Fast Track Immersion will deliver that understanding in 4-6 weeks.

Did you know?

George Soros used the principles you will discover in the Fast Track Immersion program to pocket $1 Billion in ONE DAY!

In Britain, Black Wednesday is known as the day that traders broke the pound.

In advance of the event, Britain upped its interest rates to attract people to the pound, but George Soros began heavy shorting of the currency after a fair bit of research led him to believe bankers in Britain had made a mistake.

Britain gave in on the Wednesday and withdrew from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism as it became clear that it was losing money trying to buoy its currency artificially.

In exchange for helping make the market more efficient, Soros profited over $1 billion that day and forever cemented his reputation as a master trader.

These days George Soros continues to trade and earn millions each year for his efforts, which he often donates to charities that he feels will make the world a better place.

That philanthropic effort has led to global name recognition, making him a great example of trader success, but he is one of MANY successful traders operating in the world today.

The history of a structured market and exchanges dates back hundreds of years and has produced some of the wealthiest and most influential individuals of all time.

More importantly it continues to produce plenty for the individuals that many aspire to emulate today. Hillary Clinton, for example, can attribute much of the original funding for her political career to a series of well timed futures trades. T. Boon Pickens has amassed a multi-billion dollar energy empire through trading. Paul Tudor Jones is an incredibly successful trader who turned a trading fortune and deep love of the game into the Robin Hood Foundation, which helps youths in poor urban areas develop the skills required for a lifetime of success.

For my part, I manifest Ultimate Trader: Fast Track Immersion.

I wish it were as easy as red-light stop and green-light go, but unfortunately that is an unattainable dream. Achieving success with the resources I am offering you here today will require some effort.

For a truly hands-off wealth building experience I can help you with asset management services, but you generally need a few million in assets before we will be able to work together in that capacity.

If you are still working on acquiring your first million, Fast Track Immersion can help you bridge that gap!

How it works

There are thousands of training products out there. Some are pretty good, some are ok, some are terrible and some are outright scams, but most are your basic self-directed materials.

Now, some may get a little fancy and have video showing recent trading but the fact of the matter is you are still watching someone else trade in the PAST.

Written materials and prerecorded videos are static and dated materials that are largely ineffective.

That is where we shook things up a bit!

We call our solution Fast Track Immersion.

Have you ever heard someone say they took four years of a foreign language in school, but did not really learn how to speak it until they went to a country where the language is spoken exclusively and they were forced to learn? It is a common scenario and the idea is that being immersed in the culture where only that foreign language is spoken, the student learns much faster.

The 4 week - Fast Track Immersion - will give you everything you need to earn your first million via trading!

Along the way you will discover:

  • Several proven trading systems
  • Professional money management techniques
  • Strategies that ensure consistent profitability over time

The program includes:

  • Four weeks of real world trade analysis and consulting
  • Daily lessons on a wide range of trading concepts
  • Lifetime membership in the Mastermind Group for ongoing support and collaboration

Ultimate Trader: Fast Track Immersion is the solution you are searching for!

You will not be told how to read sentiment in a past scenario; you will actually see sentiment in ACTION !

You will not be shown examples of past trades; you will experience trade ideas unfold LIVE !

Now truth be told there are other live courses out there, but you generally need to go into a classroom (if you happen to be close), or you have to travel and they cost between $5,000 and $10,000!

Fast Track Immersion is conducted through the wonder of the internet, making it way more convenient and nowhere near that cost!

This is our most intense course yet, and the last one we will ever need to create - because it works!

Program Reviews:

Hope you know you and your team are changing lives. Or at least giving traders a chance to change their own. Nick S.

Got to say, I learned a lot from this program and I'm really impressed. You've created an awesome service with all the features in this program, really. Dillon A.

The program's been great. It's an unbelievable resource to be able to ask questions any time and get real answers. Paul R.

Just wanted to say a very big thank you! I have nothing but praise for the program, your material, your knowledge, and your patience with all of us.

To see firsthand and in real time over an extended period of 4 weeks how trading is professionally applied to the markets for consistent profits is a very powerful learning process.

Certainly from my perspective I have in the past struggled with the concepts of reading sentiment and turning that into a viable trade plan. This program takes what I had considered to be complex problems and boils them down to relatively simple chunks showing where and when to take a trade... but first and foremost staking the odds in our favor by utilizing the other markets and information at our disposal. Quite remarkable really.

And now it is down to me, this is clear. You have given me the key to the door but I've got to unlock it and step through. I am under no illusions about how difficult that may be at times but I do feel that I have a great chance of making it work.

This is the gem of your course - not only have you provided a method and system to follow, the program has also instilled the seed of confidence in my ability to implement the method consistently over time.

Excellent value for money and I can highly recommending this course for others.

Once again many thanks for everything and looking forward to the weeks and months to come. Ian B.

Fast Track Immersion provides EVERYTHING you need to go from $0 to $1 million!

Trading offers access to a better life regardless of your background or education.

It is not a magic pill. You will need to do the work to achieve the fantastic success available, but for those who do the rewards are worth the investment.

Become the Ultimate Trader!

Fast Track Immersion Consists of 2 Phases:

Phase 1 - $199

Upon enrollment we will dispatch a package to your address containing everything you need to trade your way to $3,000+ in as little as 2 weeks.

Over the course of those two weeks you will receive additional lessons, along with a series of tasks to complete that - if completed - will result in enough profit to cover the price of Phase 2.

It generally requires 3-7 days for delivery of the package and we cannot start until it arrives, so it may require 3 weeks to complete Phase 1 starting today.

Phase 2 - $2995

After completing Phase 1 you will have several viable trading strategies that you can use to earn trading profits.

Phase 2 builds on the knowledge and experience developed earlier to turn a part-time trading passion into a serious trading business .

After you complete the secure checkout process you will be redirected to a terms agreement page (which you can read here), and then to the Fast Track Introductory Guide that outlines the firm principles and core trading strategies.

While you familiarize yourself with the guide, my team will prepare and dispatch a package containing everything you need to reach Phase 2. - Guaranteed.

Guaranteed Success?

While we are on the subject, please allow me to cover the details on the guarantee as well.

I guarantee that by participating in the Fast Track Immersion program, you will receive everything you need to trade your way from $0 to $1 Million.

Just so we are clear, if you take the resources offered and use them in the ways suggested, you can trade your way from wherever you are to One - Million - Dollars.

Unfortunately, what I CANNOT guarantee is that you will show up for your life to complete the tasks. That being the case I am NOT promising to write you a check, or to refund your enrollment fee if you decide to quit.

I cannot.

Nobody can.

Not if they really want you to succeed!

What I need you to do is burn your ships! Light a fire under yourself to take THIS moment and turn it into the moment when all the hopes and dreams changed from things you wish into the things that you made real.

Show me you have the commitment to your future with an investment in yourself. Buy Phase 1 and commit to following the advice for just a few weeks. I promise you that if you do, I will ensure you have everything you need to earn back the investment PLUS the cost of Phase 2... and more.

I can make that guarantee because I know what is possible, and that it can happen for you as well.

I WANT it to happen for you. Like it has happened for so many others.

Let me help you!

Enroll Now!

Phase 1

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