Why are Smartphones Stupid?.

Those who follow the news will know that the United States just passed a law prohibiting government employees from installing the TikTok app on their work phones.

Ask yourself why.

Now I’ll tell you in explicit detail… there is no security on your “smart” phone. It is another exercise in security theater for profit. And you are the one paying the price.

Data suggests something like 90% of Android smartphones are running expired versions of the operating system which no longer receive updates. The devices cannot be updated because the manufacturers do not provide updates to the driver software necessary for updating the core operating system. There is no profit in keeping old phones secure. The OS updates are often the only justification for the purchase of new equipment, so if you want security you need to buy a new device with every update.

Apple handles things differently. With iPhone and its derivatives there are regular OS and other platform security updates, but they leave huge gaps in the system for partner entities like MSO Group to develop remote access and control solutions for law enforcement. Savvy hackers piggy back on this nonsense to exploit the trust Apple users have in their device for economic gains.

TikTok is in the business of reading email. Their Chinese owners like to get access to a device, break out of the the app store security box, and use that elevated access to gain entry to a user's email account. With email account access a hacker can learn just about everything there is to know about a person.

The US government just banned TikTok from its phones because they know it is not possible to secure smartphone devices against a determined hacker like the Chinese Government.

What nobody mentions is that there is a vast legion of other hackers who are doing the exact same thing as TikTok. Make an app, get fools to install it on their smartphone, find a way to elevate privileges, then steal everything available. More often then not that “everything available” includes email credentials, which are then used for more attacks on that person's employer, social connections, and other resources.

Expecting Google, Apple, and the various phone equipment manufacturers to solve this problem is a pointless exercise. The economics will ensure the status quo as long as possible.

If we as humans want a better life experience we will need to produce it ourselves.

The underlying problem here is not that these companies are self interested profit machines. The problem is that their consumers are stupid. Yes, you Mr. Cool Phone. You are an idiot because you just blindly trust what these companies offer. You sign their shitty terms of use. Then you foolishly put every bit of your life on the thing for anyone with an actual brain to steal from you.


At some point over the last decade humanity forgot that the internet is not secure. It was never designed to be secure, and it never will be. Anything connected to the internet will eventually be compromised. Period, end of story.

To have a technologically secure life requires de-consolidating functions. Your phone should be a phone; making calls and receiving text messages. Your main computer should be offline. Your internet connected computer should be a separate device, treated like an AIDS infected whore that you very carefully interact with when necessary.

My internet connected machine is replaced every day with an OS format and rebuild from secure write-protected media. It is compromised every day, but it doesn’t matter because there is nothing important or valuable available to be stolen.

It is at this point that the little voice in your head tells you that you aren’t important enough to be hacked. That you don’t have anything worth stealing. But that little voice is wrong. The tech companies marketed that message to you and your subconscious bought it, but it isn’t true. Even if you have nothing today… flat broke and living under a bridge… you have the potential to achieve anything you set your mind to achieve. AND THAT IS ULTIMATELY WHAT THESE COMPANIES WANT!!!!! They want to know what your life is worth, what you will do, what you will know, the value that your existence manifests in reality, so that your value can be taken from you. How much easier is that taking when you are oblivious that your value ever existed?

In short, the world is broken because you are a lazy smartphone using idiot. Stop accepting the shit life offers you and demand something better. Take the time to learn how these technologies work before you command your underlings to implement the latest buzzword nonsense in your enterprise.

This is not a game. JP Morgan Chase is currently teetering on the edge of bankruptcy – compounding fraud on top of fraud - because companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google have spent the last decade gutting the world's merchants by selling products at prices that produce enormous losses for themselves and their competitors.

I personally blame the US Federal Open Market Committee for leaving interest rates at zero for way too long, but that is neither here nor there. Things are changing. All that free money is rapidly drying up and these companies will soon be forced to cover their losses, not with cheap investor dollars, but from operations. That will mean two things: a) higher prices for everything and b) more shearing of the available sheep on each of these platforms.

Consider yourself warned.

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