Vertex Trading Systems

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What payment options are accepted?

    We take cash in US Dollars, all major credit cards and most liquid cryptographic tokens, including Bitcoin. Contact us for details.


  • Is there a tipjar?

    Send Litecoin to “MWyP1HbzSe3P2BHgzzKGvnNUb1uj5F24UV”.

    Litecoin (a.k.a. LTC) is a form of transactional Bitcoin. You can safely purchase it from and send it directly to us at the address listed above. The fee structure is better then traditional solutions like credit and debit card processing, with better privacy protections for all parties.

    We <3 LTC!


  • How to cancel membership subscription?

    Login to your account, select "Profile" in the menu, click cancel and confirm. You will retain access to the platform until your membership expiration date, which you can find on the profile page.


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