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Frequently Asked Questions


  • I appreciate what you do. How can I help?

    Send Litecoin to “MWyP1HbzSe3P2BHgzzKGvnNUb1uj5F24UV”.

    Litecoin (a.k.a. LTC) is a form of transactional Bitcoin. You can safely purchase it from and send it directly to us at the address listed above. The fee structure is better then traditional solutions like credit and debit card processing, with better privacy protections for all parties.

    We <3 LTC!

    For detailed Litecoin trading instructions click here.


  • Do you accept other payment types?

    We take cash in US Dollars, all major credit cards and most liquid cryptographic tokens, including Bitcoin.


  • Can we lose the dog for a few hours?

    Everything is available for a price.


  • What is your technical proficiency?

    It is hard to describe all the experiences that lead here. There are thousands of completed projects across a wide array of technical areas. Some called for more hands on work than others. The following list is far from exhaustive.

    Operating Systems

    Microsoft:    DOS 6.22, Windows 3.1, 95, XP, ME, Vista, 7, NT, 2000, 10, SBS, Server

    Linux:         Debian, Mint, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, Red Hat, BSD


    HTML, PHP, C++, VB, .NET, JavaScript, XML, JSON, Bash, Perl


    TCP/IP, DNS, Routers, Firewalls, Secure Sockets (SSL), VoIP, Apache, Bind, E-MAIL, Postfix, Dovecot, DKIM, SPF, MS Exchange Server, Active Directory, Samba, Internet Information Server, SQL Servers, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Virtualization, HyperV, QEMU, Outlook, Evolution, Thunderbird, Terminal Server, Citrix, LexisNexis, Lotus Notes, Dynamics. Great Plains, SAP, Customer Relationship Manager, Enterprise Resource Planning, Point of Sale, SharePoint, WebEx, Databases, MS Access, MS Office, Excel, Word, Calc, Phone Switches, Interactive Voice Recorders, Private Cloud Infrastructure, Azure, AWS, and on and on it goes...

    So bring your challenges. Most problems have been solved more than once already.


  • Any other information?

    Age: Over 18.
    Sex: Male, Apathetic
    Alignment: Neutral/Good
    Married: No.
    Children: No.
    Criminal record? No.
    Courtroom experience? Yes.
    Preferred Venue? Call (813) 344-5788.

    World leaders do business over the telephone.


  • How can anyone be sure they are talking to the real Will Carmen?

    The real Will can do Litecoin message verification. Learn how! This stuff is important!


  • Why no JAVA or Apple's ++?

    Not interested in smartphone projects. If the "smart phone" is your "platform," your foundation is a rug atop a spike pit.

    We prefer our partners succeed in life and in business.


  • When can we get started?

    Call Will at (813) 344-5788, between 9am and 6pm EST Sun-Fri for a free consultation.


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