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Frequently Asked Questions


  • I appreciate what you did. How can I repay you?

    Send Litecoin to “MWyP1HbzSe3P2BHgzzKGvnNUb1uj5F24UV”. Whatever you believe is fair.


  • What is this invoice? Who approved this transaction?

    The bearded man and his dog are always working to make the world a better place. If you received an invoice it was probably for good reason. You might want to review the tape.


  • What is Litecoin and how do I send some?

    Litecoin (a.k.a. LTC) is a form of transactional Bitcoin. You can safely purchase it from and send it directly to us at the address listed above. The fee structure is materially better then traditional solutions like credit and debit card processing, with better privacy protections for all parties.

    We <3 LTC!

    For detailed Litecoin trading instructions click here.


  • Where is the login?

    Here is the login link.


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